I'm so excited to be able to share photos here -- and also to see everyone else's. . .I don't like Facebook (way way too many rabbit holes for me to fall into or trip over), so I only use it for business. Since walking is my favorite thing, it's fun to share my walks and see everyone else's. It's like getting to walk all over the world! Today I went someplace new -- a lake where I walked over a bridge that was built in 1923 and saw a furry friend. (Groundhog or Beaver @Mel Grosvenor ?) I saw geese and many other birds. Also a new age lawn jockey. It was a gorgeous day -- and there were other people and dogs out, but it was still nice and quiet. Blue sky. Spring flowers. Grateful #springwalk

Posted by Toria at 2021-03-06 19:16:25 UTC