High Point trip post: 5: Im back from my state High Pointing trip and everything is put away and Gingi is happy mommy is home again! I did 7 state high points in this last trip which is the most I have done on one trip, to date. I wanted to share the pictures of the summit of all seven but since we can only have five photos at a time I’ll do additional posts for the remaining ones... This is my favorite of the entire trip (for many reasons), Alabama’s highest peak, Cheeha Mountain. The day started off insanely foggy and raining to the point where I could hardly see anything driving to it. I saw that the state parks restaurant looking out a window thinking that the day was shot and I wouldn’t be able to climb and then all of a sudden, I blinked, and it cleared up instantly! I was so happy! I was not only happy that I got to be able to climb that mountain that day, but I was really happy that I got to experience the amazingly beautiful foggy weather up there as well. The lake trail that I took up was very steadily steep just as the super nice park ranger, Jared warned me about. I LOVE BOULDERING! The entirety of the trail was pretty much just that.. I loved every second of it. I saw Jared later to tell him how much I enjoyed it! I wish I could add more photos!!

Posted by RED at 2021-04-18 17:24:54 UTC