Hey, y’all! I’ve been following Everwalk on Instagram for a while but finally signed up last night. I’m not quite sure how all of this works yet, but thought I’d post a little intro. My partner and I typically travel the world playing music together, but have been mostly at home in Nashville since March 2020. We love to hike the Red and White trails at Percy Warner Park here in Nashville, but have found it hard to resume our hikes there after tragically losing our close friend/hiking buddy in October. Today, we went back to the white trail (2.5 mi) and plan to work our way up to the Red Trail again. Being back at the park is emotional, so we’re easing into it. I’m excited to be a part of this inspiring group. I didn’t find anything #pink today on our trek, but Mary was willing to share her pink glasses with the Everwalk world.

Posted by jaimeeharris at 2021-04-26 20:15:43 UTC