Here is your pink things in nature fact of the day. The roseate spoonbill is the only one of the six spoonbill species with brilliantly colored plumage. Like the flamingo, they get their pink color from their diet. They move their spoon-shaped bill from side to side in the water. Their bill has sensitive touch receptors that detect vibrations from crustaceans and other prey. This allows them to feed during day or night. They are primarily found in Florida and states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Oddly enough, the first time I saw them was when a small group visited a lake about 20 minutes from my house in OHIO!!! It was unusual for them to be there and it caused quite a sensation! #thinkpink #birds #roseatespoonbill #natureclub

Posted by Mel Grosvenor at 2021-04-29 12:34:39 UTC