More from my March 11 adventure in the East End of Houston... The last few miles of my walk up Navigation took me past a former theater in a warehouse, at Adam's, apparently recently taken over by a church that has yet to figure out what they will do with the place...a few years ago a famous cat circus spent a week performing here, and I volunteered behind the scenes, even briefly performing in the show a couple of times. :-D A few blocks down the road I came upon a small, 50+ yr old dive ar/pool hall, at Super Street...White Swan. Curious, I went in for a look. 3 friendly old white guys, including the owner/bartender, welcomed me with smiles and their own curiosity. When I explained about being on a post-birthday walk in the East End, they were appropriately impressed. One of the guys took a photo for me, as I posed with the Lady of the House. :-D Oh, and yes, that old CD Player Jukebox still works! As a thanks I bought a 16 oz can of Lonestar, the official beer of TX (1st sold in 1884), then the owner gave me a Lonestar bottle, in honor of my birthday. :-D

Posted by Deleted (36c26f02) at 2021-05-01 03:57:21 UTC