Here's your brown things in nature fact of the day. The first wild animals that ever captured my heart were toads. I simply ADORE them! From their musical trills to their cute little hops, toads enchant me. They have many great adaptations. Their brown color helps them blend in. Their bumps (which DO NOT cause warts) make them look like little mud blobs. The two largest warts on the back of their heads are actually poison glands. If they are attacked, a white, milky toxin oozes out of them. Of course, they are also known to pee on your hands if you pick them up. I would do the same thing if a giant picked ME up! They sometimes puff their bodies full of air like little toad balloons. This makes them look bigger to frighten a predator. They will even raise themselves up as high as they can to look more indimidating. #brown #brownweek #toads #amphibians #natureclub

Posted by Mel Grosvenor at 2021-05-05 12:23:53 UTC