Weighing in on trees. The Italians who built my home in 1924 brought with them and planted the seeds for these olive, lime, lemon, fig, coffee, kumkwat, some other quat, orange and grapefruit trees on my property. So these trees are nearly 100 years old, all happy and thriving. Not a day goes by that I am not enchanted by them. I will admit that I’m a bit confused as to how we got off into observing things in nature that we are not really encountering while we’re walking. But this is not a criticism. All good. Just wondering how we got here???? And, to my point, here I am today, not walking, at least at the moment, as I share my glorious trees with all of you...lol

Posted by Diana Nyad at 2021-05-07 21:13:21 UTC