This week I will be focusing on things in nature that are black, white, and/or gray. I know those colors aren't as cheerful as say, yellow, pink, purple or other colors out there, but there is a definite beauty to them. The first thing that came to my mind with regards to this topic was the black and white warbler. I saw my first one of the year a week ago. Actually I HEARD him first. His call sounds like a squeaky wheel on a shopping cart. These little guys feed on insects and spiders. They are unique among warblers because they forage like a nuthatch, moving up and down tree trunks and along branches, rather than staying way up in the tops of trees among the leaves.#blackwhitegray #birds #blackandwhitewarbler #natureclub

Posted by Mel Grosvenor at 2021-05-10 12:28:02 UTC