Since I worked on my birthday, on the 5th, I wanted to do something on my days off, this week, to celebrate. Today I walked 5.6 miles, including my Everwalk Mile... The EM, and a bit more, was in the Historic Avondale neighborhood, near Mid-Town Houston. The area goes back to 1907, and has old sidewalks, narrow streets, old single & 2 & 3-story homes, and very old, and cool looking trees... And a legendary, family owned & run (the place has been featured on famous TV food shows), burger joint, that began life in the 30s as a grocery and fruit /veggie store. Why it took me 8 years to check this joint out I don't know...the food is fantastic, and I will return, to Lankfords, to try other offerings.

Posted by Deleted (36c26f02) at 2021-03-10 02:20:03 UTC