All this week the focus for the Nature Club will be green plants and animals. As you might guess, it's difficult to get me to shut up about frogs, so I'm starting the week with another one. I live in Ohio and it's hard for me to remember to focus on wildlife outside of my own state once in a while, so here is a frog from California! It is the Baja California Tree frog. I chose a green photo of one, but they can change colors and be various shades of green, gray and brown. I chose to focus on this particular frog for another reason. If you ask anyone what a frog says, it's always "ribbit." If you watched my video of the frogs in my backyard, you heard "peeps", "trills", "quacks", and "snores", but no "ribbets." This is because most frogs DO NOT "RIBBIT!" The Baja California Treefrog is one that does and since it lives near Hollywood, it was used as the background sound effect for countless old movies, regardless of where the movie was set. It was so pervasive that it has entered the world movie watching consciousness as THE sound frogs make, day or night, everywhere in the world. If you didn't see the video I am referring too, I highly recommend it. Here's a link. #green #frogs #natureclub #bajacaliforniatreefrog

Posted by Mel Grosvenor at 2021-03-15 12:36:26 UTC