Here's an update on our March EverWalk Nation Invite contest. . . @Ann Marie Rakovic has pulled into the lead with TEN yes TEN new members!! And TWENTY-EIGHT VISITS. But @Mel Grosvenor is right behind her with THREE signs ups and EIGHTEEN VISITS. Here are the contest rules: 1) Find your individual invite code as you scroll down this chat feed and use it to invite friends to the app. OR you can email and get your invite code via email. 2) Invite people to this app before the end of March. Who wins: THREE WINNERS: 1) The person who gets the most members to join. 2) The person who gets the most visitors. (If that person is the same as 1, we will award to the second most visitors. 3) A random winner from ANYONE who has sent out an invitation. So all you competitive EverWalkers -- especially those of you who have given up hope of ever walking as far as @Peggy Paul -- this is a way you can win AND help us grow EverWalk Nation! ONWARD!! #invitecontest #contest

Posted by Ever.Walk at 2021-03-19 15:15:36 UTC