Yesterday’s news, just realized I posted in the wrong place. So this mighta just happened: 1. Had convo with Jade Mortimer about doing something nice to cheer up a certain Barbara Pearlman Wells, who we know is laid up for quite a while from wrassling with them Florida Gators. 2. Mighta mentioned to a NYC friend who is snowbirding in Florida that I’m looking for the best key lime pie or cookies in Florida to send to the aforementioned Ms. Wells based on a tip from Ms. Mortimer. 3. Said NYC friend, Melinda, exclaims that she knows a farmers market near her with the absolute best key lime pie - that side of the alligator swamp and that she lives within 30 mins. of the wrassler! 4. Today during my return to Central Park Ever Walk- Ms. Melinda calls and says she’s delivering a key lime pie to the prior mentioned alligator wrassler, Ms. Barbara Pearlman Wells!!! 💚💚💚 Good thing I took the call! Results in pic!! Share the love🥰

Posted by Ann Marie Rakovic at 2021-03-21 11:17:48 UTC