EVERWALKERS LOVE A CONTEST! We’re running a contest through the end of March to see who can invite the most people to join the new app. So far here’s who’s playing: @Mel Grosvenor @Ann Marie Rakovic @Laura Petersen @Michelle @RED @deletedmember @David Ascher, S Orange NJ @denise.onuskanich @Everwalk Barbara @Lisa Fleury @clarethomasdo @sue0602 @high hopes @Tina @Mary Faucher @Babbs @ddegaetano @Kristi Woodworth @tierneyyjwwl @eerapp RIGHT NOW: @Mel Grosvenor is leading signups while @Ann Marie Rakovic is ahead in visitor!!! WIN COOL EVERWALK PRIZES & help us share this amazing community with more walkers!!

Posted by Ever.Walk at 2021-03-23 19:15:17 UTC