Good evening everyone! 3.9 miles, today, including my Everwalk Mile to work. After work, on the bus ride home, I stopped for a walk to Little Caesar's for a couple of Pizzas to get me thru Dinner, tonite, and a couple of meals at work tomorrow, my 61st birthday, and on Saturday. :-D After getting my pizzas and walking to the bus stop for the final leg home I noticed the order sticker on one of the boxes... While I was not asked for my name, the cashier DID make a note so she'd know who to give the order to in 15 min. :-D "Old guy with hat" :-D LOL! As I head deeper into my 60's I guess I should get used to being, more and more, identified as that "Old Guy with the hat" :-D

Posted by Deleted (36c26f02) at 2021-03-05 03:28:46 UTC