Longest walk I’ve ever recorded! I had a backpack on for weight. It was a very beautiful full moon hike with tons of wildlife all around me.  A duck almost flew into my head while quacking angrily at me to get out of his way. If I wouldn’t have “ducked”, he would’ve smashed into my face. 😂 So graceful.  I saw two turtles doing unspeakable acts...and ducks. 😂 I saw a Canadian goose squawking oddly and then I realized he was frantically searching for his mate. As soon as he heard her honking back at him, he got super excited, his tone changed and he flew over to her so happy to be reunited again. They are so adorable. Hundreds of Canadian geese hang out by the canal. The funniest thing on my hike was a little muskrat with an attitude. He wasswimming fast towards the shore on a mission. When he looked up and noticed me and Saw that I was walking where he wanted to go, he stopped, stared at me, and started squeaking angrily. He then put his head back in the water turned his little butt right around and went back where he came from LOL there was no doubt that he was actually angerly squeaking at me 😂 It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Happy Saturday!

Posted by RED at 2021-03-28 00:44:58 UTC